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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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480 -BC- "Go, tell the Spartans, we lie here in obedience to their orders."
1191Crusaders under King Richard I kill 3,000 Muslims in Akko
1648Battle of Lens
1781George Washington begins march south to fight Cornwallis at Yorktown
1794Gen Mad Anthony Wayne routes Indians at Fallen Timbers, Ohio
1847Battle of Contreras: Brig Gen Franklin Pierce breaks the Mexican front
1861Skirmish at Jonesboro MI
1861Skirmish at Hawk's Nest, Wva
1866Pres Andrew Johnson formally declares the Civil War over
1888Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" first performed, in Moscow
1914German forces occupy Brussels
1915Italy declares war on Turkey
1918Britain opens offensive on Western Front
1926Uprising against Reza Shah Pahlawi in Persia
1935Coup by General Pons & President Ibarra in Ecuador
1940Leon Trotsky attacked in Mexico City by Stalinist agent, dies next day
1940"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few"
1942Wartime dim-out begins in San Francisco
1942Japanese order landing of 1500 troops at Milne Bay, southeastern Papua.
194231 Marine Corps fighters land on Guadalcanal from CVE Long Island.
1943Kiska secured, as Japanese had left priot to Allied landing on the 15th.
1943Baanga I, at a cost of 52 Americans killed and 110 wounded
1944Russian offensive at Iasi & Kishinev, Romania
1944Charles de Gaulle returns to France
1944Biak I., off New Guinea, is cleared of Japanese forces after 3 months
1945Russian troops capture Harbin & Mukden, Manchuria
1945Red Chinese forces occupy Kalgan, northwest of Peking .
1945Japanese suppress 2nd anti-armistice coup attempt
1945Japanese forces in China cease fire.
1945Br recon a/c in Burma are fired upon by Japanese antiaircraft batteries.
1955Hundreds killed in anti-French rioting in Morocco & Algeria
1959Belgium shortens conscription to 12 months
1968650,000 Warsaw Pact troops invade CzechoslovaKIA
1978Gunmen open fire on an El Al Airline bus in London
1982US Marines land in Beirut Lebanon
1990Iraq moves Western hostages to military installations as human shields
1991Estonia declares independence from the USSR
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Aug 21, 2019
1321160 Jews of Chinon, France, burned at stake
1680Pueblo Indians capture Santa Fe from the Spanish
1800First public concert by the U.S. Marine Corps Band, Washington, D.C.
1861James A. Garfield enrolls as LtCol of the new 42nd Ohio
1863Raid at Lawrence, Ks, by Confederate brigands under William Quantrill
1864Battle of Summit Point, VA
1864Battle of Grubbs Crossroads, KY
1938Italy bars Jewish teachers in public education
1942U.S. DDs and LPDs resupply Guadalcanal, with loss of one destroyer.
1942On New Guinea the Japanese land reinforcements at Basabura
1942German alpine troops plant Nazi flag on Mt. Elbruz, the Caucasus
1942Tenaru River: Ichiki Detachment is crushed on Guadalcanal
1942Australian 18th Brigade reinforces Milne Bay.
1943Japanese a/c hit shipping off Vella Lavella, with little effect.
1943Heavy Allied air raids on Wewak, New Guinea.
1943Gromyko named Soviet ambassador in Washington
1944B-29s from Ceylon begin raids on Japanese installations on Sumatra.
1945Pres Truman ends Lend-Lease program
1953Sultan Sidi Mohammed Am Joessoef V of Morocco deposed
1983South Korean 747 airliner is shot own by Russian aircraft, 269 die
1991Latvia declares independence from the USSR
1991Communist coup is crushed in USSR after two days
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1454Jews are expelled from Bruno, Moravia by order of King Ladislaus
1485Battle of Bosworth Field: Henry VII defeats Richard III
1642English Civil War begins: King Charles I takes up arms against Parliament
1707Daun's Austrians invest Gaeta (stormed, September 30)
1775King George III proclaims his American colonies to be in open rebellion
1791Haitian Slave Revolution begins under voodoo priest Boukman
1848U.S. Grant marries Julia Dent, with James Longstreet as best man.
1851First America's Cup Race, won by the schooner America
1862Santee Sioux Indians attack Fort Ridgely
1862Battle of Catlett's Station, Va
1864Geneva Convention: 12 nations establish the International Red Cross
1877Nez Perce Indians flee to Yellowstone National Park
1910Japan annexes Korea
1942Army P-400s land at Henderson field from New Caledonia.
1942Savo: Japanese DD Kawakaze torpedoes US DD Blue, towed to Tulagi.
1942Brazil declares war on Germany, Japan, & Italy
1943U.S. destroyers shell Finschhafen, in eastern New Guinea.
1943Soviet troops free Karkov
1943Marines occupy undefended Nukufetau in the Ellice Islands.
1944Japanese counterattack the Salween, Burma, but repelled by Chinese.
1944Japanese abandon Ulithi in the Carolines.
1962Failed assassination attempt agains Charles De Gaulle