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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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1130Pope Anacletus II concedes the throne of Sicily to Roger II
1414Gaeta concludes an armistice with Count Giacomo of Fondi
1540Pope Paul III approves the formation of the Society of Jesus
1777Germantown; Washington defeated by British
1779John Adams negotiates Revolutionary War peace terms with Britain
1821Mexico attains independence
1863Cavalry action at Moffat's Station, Arkansas
1864Battle of Centralia, MO
1923Italian troops evacuate Corfu
1936Spanish Nationalists capture Toledo, siege of the Alcazar lifted
1938League of Nations declares Japan the aggressor in "China Incident"
1938Jewish lawyers forbidden to practice in Germany
1939Warsaw, Poland, surrenders to Germans after 19 days of resistance
1940Nazi Germany, Italy, & Japan sign a formal alliance
1940Black leaders protest discrimination in US armed forces
1942Papua: Japanese fall back from Ioribaiwa on the Kokoda Trail.
1942Japanese aircraft bomb Marine positions on Guadalcanal.
1944USA Nurse Reba Tobiason captured by Germans near Aachen - later exchanged
1962US sells Hawk anti-aircraft missiles to Israel
1991Pres Bush ends full-time airborne B-52 bomber alert
1996Taliban captures Kabul, establishing Islamist autocracy in Afghanistan
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Sep 28, 2021
1066William the Conqueror lands in England
1322Battle of Muhldorf
1484Condottiero Obbietto Fieschi captures Bosco di Corniglio
1687Turks surrender Athens to the Venetians
1781Siege of Yorktown begins, last major battle of Revolutionary War
1806French defeat Fra Diavolo near Itri
1822US Sloop-of-war Peacock captures 5 pirate vessels in the Caribbean
1850Congress outlaws flogging in the Navy and Merchant Marine
1864Battle of Fort Harrison/Chaffin's Farm/New Market Heights (ends 30th)
1868Opelousa Massacre, St Landry Parish, Louisiana, 200 blacks killed
1868Battle of Alcolea, Queen Isabella II of Spain flees to France
1871Chochise and the Chiricahua Apache make peace
1889Carlos I crowned King of Portugal (1889-1908)
1901Balangiga, Samar: 48 of 78 men of Co. C., 9th Inf killed by Filipino insurgents
1906US troops reoccupy Cuba, stay until 1909
1914Germans occupy Antwerp, as Anglo-Belgian troops withdraw
1922Fascist "March on Rome"
1923US Navy aircraft take first and second places in the Schneider Cup Race
1924Two US Army planes end around-world flight, Seattle to Seattle, 57 stops
1939Hitler-Stalin Pact, two butchers agree to divide up Europe
1943Japanese minelayer Hoko is sunk east of Buka by U.S. Army aircraft.
1944SS-Maj. Reder supervises mass murders at Marzabotto, Italy
1944Burma: British XV Corps resumes the offensive in the Arakan.
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0 Feast of St. Michael, Archangle and Patron of Soldiers
1187Saladin captures Jerusalem
1349People of Krems, Austria, accuse Jews of poisoning wells
1364Battle of Auray, English forces defeat French in Brittany
1399Richard II is coerced into abdicating in favor of his cousin Henry IV
1813William Henry Harrison recaptures Detroit from the British
1861Munson's Hill, Va: 69th Pa accidentally fires on the 71st Pa, 9 die
1864Battle of Waynesboro & New Market Heights, Va
1872Kiowa chief Lone Wolf captures Satanta & Big Tree
1918Allied forces score a decisive breakthrough of Hindenburg Line
1941Nazi mass murder of Jews at Babi Yar, Soviet Union
1961Syria seceeds from the UAR
1962JFK authorizes use of federal troops to integrate Ole Miss
1988UN peacekeeping forces win Nobel Peace Prize
198826th Space Shuttle mission