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Friday, March 23, 2018
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1349Townspeople of Fulda Germany massacre Jews, blamed for black death
1622First Indian war: Powhatens attack Jamestown, Va, 347 die
1794Congress prohibits the exportation of slaves from the United States.
1862San Marino & Italy conclude treaty of friendship & cooperation
1865Wilson's Raid Begins at Chickasaw, Alabama
1942Italo-German air raids on on Malta
1943Pacific: Subs Grampus and Amberjack declared overdue and presumed lost
1945Arab League formed
1958Faisal succeeds Saud as King of Saudi Arabia
1963British War Minister John Profumo denies an affair with Christine Keeler
1979Israeli parliament approves peace treaty with Egypt
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Mar 23, 2018
1153Treaty of Konstanz between Frederik I Barbarossa & Pope Eugene III
1657France & England form alliance against Spain
1775Patrick Henry says "But as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
1806Lewis & Clark reach the Pacific Coast
1806Fra Diavolo defeated by the French at Santa Oliva, northwest of Itri
1808Napoleon makes his brother Joseph King of Spain
1815USS Hornet captures HMS Penguin in just 22 minutes
1849Battle of Novara: Italians defeated by Austrians
1862Battle of Kernstown, Va: Jackson begins his Valley Campaign
1864Skirmish at Camden, Arkansas
1865First black troops mustered into the Confederate Army
1882Office of Naval Intelligence established
1901Brig Gen Frederick Funston personally captures Emilio Aguinaldo
1903Wright Brothers granted a patent for their airplane
1915British form the Zion Mule Corps
1918Paris shelled by German super-heavy artillery
1918Lithuana proclaims independence from Russia
1919Benito Mussolini founds Fascist Movementin Milan, Italy
1933German Reichstag grants Adolph Hitler dictatorial powers
1934Congress authorizes Philippine independence in 1946
1942Andaman Is.: Japanese 18th Div occupies Port Blair, without opposition
19422,500 Jews in Lublin massacred
1944Nicholas Alkemade falls 5,500 m without a parachute & lives
1945British Pacific Fleet joins the war against Japan
1956Sudan becomes independent of Anglo-Egyptian control
1956Pakistan proclaimed an Islamic Republic within the Commonwealth
1957US army sells its last homing pigeons
1965Gemini 3 launched, first US 2-man space flight (Grissom & Young)
1988Operation Packer: Third SADF attack on Tumpo, Angola
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1765Britain enacts the Quartering Act
1832Mormon leader Joseph Smith beaten, tarred & feathered in Ohio
1878British frigate Eurydice sinks; 300 lost
1902Anglo-Boer War: First Drive in Western Transvaal
1920First Coast Guard air station established, Morehead City, NC
1941German attack near El Agheila, Libya
1944The Great Escape: 76 officer prisoners escape Stalag 3
1944Nazis execute more than 300 civilians near Rome
1944Maj Gen Orde Wingate, of the Chindits, killed in a plane crash in Burma.
1945Operation Varsity: Allied airborne crossing of the Rhine
1958Elvis Presley inducted into the army in Memphis
1959Iraq withdraws from the Baghdad Pact
1976Argentine Pres Isabel Peron deposed by country's military
1982US sub Jacksonville collides with a Turkish freighter near Virginia
1986US & Libya clash in Gulf of Sidra
1992Space Shuttle STS-45 (Atlantis 11) launches into space