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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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1774Jews expelled from Bohemia & Moravia by Empress Maria Theresa
1813British take Ft Niagara in War of 1812
1861Combat at Milford/Shawnee Mound, WVa'
1899Anglo-Boer War: Roberts appointed to succeed Buller as C-in-C in South Africa, with Kitchener as Chief of Staff
1941Japanese troops attack Hong Kong
1941Japanese destroyer Shinonome mined and sunk off Borneo
1941Japanese aircraft begin operating from strips in northern Luzon.
1941Japanese 38th Div lands on Hong Kong Island.
1941In Malaya British reorganize forces and prepare for further withdrawal.
1941British and Dutch troops occupy Portuguese Timor
1942Japanese CL Tenryu sunk by U.S. sub Albacore near the Bismarcks.
1942Papua: U.S. and Australian troops begin a major assault on Sanananda
1943Stilwell given command of all Chinese forces in India and Burma.
1943Japanese air raids on Kunming, to halt Chinese advancing into Burma.
1944DDs Hull, Spence, & Monaghan sink in Pacific typhoon, 800 die
1944c. 300 US aircraft raid the Japanese base at Hankow, China
1972US begins "Christmas bombing" of North Vietnam
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Dec 19, 2018
1154King Henry II of England crowned
1777Washington's army takes up winter quarters at Valley Forge
1941Italian divers sink battleships Br Queen Elizabeth & Valiant in Alexandria
1941Japanese occupy Penang Island, Malaya, as British continue withdrawal.
1941Japanese air attack on Del Monte Field, Mindanao.
1941Congress authorizes the President to draft men up to 44 years of age.
1942Papua: Allied assault on Sanananda make moves forward.
1942Japanese in the Arakan develop defensive position in front of Akyab
1942Guadalcanal: Malaria rate reaches 972 cases per 1000 US troops per year
1942British advance in Arakan
1943Military coup in Bolivia
1944Lt Jerry Ford decorated for battling fires aboard USS Monterey
1944British Commonwealth forces in Burma make steady gains.
1946Indochina War breaks out, as Viet Minh attack French in Hanoi
1950Gen Eisenhower named NATO commander
1960Fire aboard USS Constellation, building at Brooklyn Navy Yard, 50 die.
1972Apollo 17, last moon landing, returns to Earth
1988Unexploded WW II bomb found in Frankfurt, Germany; 5,000 evacuated
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1822Congress authorizes a squadron to suppress piracy in the Caribbean.
1861Combat at Drainsville, Va
1862Grant begins first effort to take Vicksburg
1862Battle of Kelly's Ford, VA
1862Battle of Holly Spring, MS
1880First Boer War: Action at Bronkhorstpruit
1915Russian troops capture Qom, Persia
1917Soviet secret police - the Cheka, NKVD, KGB, etc. - formed
1924Adolf Hitler freed from jail early
1933Bolivia & Paraguay sign ceasefire in Chaco War
1941American Volunteer Group ("Flying Tigers") in action over Kunming.
1941Adm. Ernest J. King is named Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet.
1942Papua: Allied forces make gains in the Sanananda area.
1942First Japanese bombing of Calcutta
19428,000 ton Japanese transport lost to a mine off Tokyo.
1943Japanese destroyer Fuyo sunk about 60 miles west of Manila by sub Puffer
1944Japanese on Leyte told no more reinforcements or supplies will be sent.
1944Battle of Bastogne: 101st Airborne division surrounded
1983PLO chairman Yasser Arafat & 4,000 loyalists evacuate Lebanon
1989Operation Just Cause begins: US troops invade Panama