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Saturday, May 30, 2020
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1176Battle of Legnano: Lombards defeat Frederick Barbarossa
1416Venetian fleet annihilates a larger Turkish one off Gallipoli
1453Byzantine Empire falls: Sultan Mehemet II captures Constantinople
1660The restoration: Charles II ascends the English throne
1781US frigate Alliance captures HMSs Atalanta and Trepassy off Nova Scotia
1848Tuscans & Neapolitans defeat Austrian at Curatone and Goito
1864Archduke Maximilian of Austria arrives in Mexico to become Emperor
1877HMS Shah captures the mutinous Peruvian ironclad Huascar; first use of torpedo in combat, a miss
1940Arthur Seyss-Inquart made Reichscommissar of The Hague, Netherlands
1943Meat and cheese rationing begun in the US
1943Attu: Japanese undertake a major "Banzai" attack
1944Biak: Japanese come off second best in tank clash with American troops.
1945Okinawa: US 1st Marine Division Captures Shuri Castle
1957Algerian Rebels kill 336 "collaborators"
1989Student protesters in China erect a replica of the Statue of Liberty
1993Neo-Nazis kill five Turkish women in Solingen, Germany
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May 30, 2020
0 Feast of St. Joan of Arc, Patron of Soldiers
0 Feast of St Ferdinand III of Castille, Patron of Engineers
1574Henry III follows his brother Charles IX as king of France
1814US gunboats capture 3 British ones on Lake Ontario
1814First Treaty of Paris, following Napoleon's first abdication
1822Denmark Vesey slave conspiracy betrayed, 37 blacks murdered
1848Battle of Goito: Austrians defeat Sardinians
1849Battle of Palestro: Austrians defeat Sardinians by the 31st
1849San Pancrazio: Garibaldi defeats the French near Rome
1861CS post office department set up, US PD ceases deliveries in the South
1862Battle of Front Royal, VA
1862Battle of Booneville MS: Gen Beauregard evacuates Corinth
1864Battle of Bethesda Church VA
1868First "Decoration Day" (Memorial Day) observance, Columbus, Ms
1901Memorial Day becomes a national observance
1913First Balkan War ends with the Treaty of London
1915Armenian Genocide: Turkish government orders deportation of Armenians
1916Jutland: The Grand Fleet sails, 37 dreadnoughts and over 100 other warships
1924Italian Socialist Matteotti murdered by Fascists
1942Diego Suarez: Japanese mini-sub torpedoes British BB Ramilles & tanker
1942First Allied air raid on Cologne
1943US troops complete recapture of Attu
1958Arlington: Unknowns of World War II and Korea are interred
1962USS Arizona memorial dedicated at Pearl Harbor
1966300 US airplanes bomb North Vietnam
1967State of Biafra secedes from Nigeria, initiating a bloody civil war
1972Three Japanese terrorists kill 24, wound 72 at Tel Aviv's Lod Airport
1982Spain becomes the 16th member of NATO
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1862Battle of Seven Pines/Fair Oaks, Va
1898US ships exchange fire with Spanish batteries at Santiago, Cuba
1900Boxer Rebellion: US troops arrive in Peking with the relief force
1902Anglo-Boer War: Treaty of Vereeniging: Boer War ends
1910Union of South Africa formed
1915Zeppelin LZ-38 makes an air raid on London
1921Tulsa "Race Riot" -- hundreds of blacks slain
1937German warships bombard Almeria, Spain, in retaliation for an air attack
1942Japanese mini-sub in Sydney harbor causes panic, little damage.
1947Communists seize power in Hungary
1961President Trujillo of the Dominican Republic assassinated
1961South Africa declares itself a republic outside the British Commonwealth
1974Israel & Syria sign an agreement concerning Golan Heights