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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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577 Emperor Wu captures Ye, imposing unity on Northern China
1071Battle of Cassel: Robert I of Friesland vs Arnulf III
1349Jews are expelled from Zurich, Switzerland
1495French King Charles VIII enters Naples to claim the throne
1815King Joachim Murat of Naples invades northern Italy
1847Battle of Buena Vista: US troops beat Mexican army
1864Battle of Okolona, MS
1865Battle of Wilmington, NC: Fort Anderson occupied by Federals
1898Black postmaster & family lynched, Lake City, South Carolina.
1909The Great White Fleet returns to Hampton Roads from its world cruise
1915Germany begins "restricted" submarine war
1918Germany claims the Baltic States, Finland, & Ukraine from Russia
1932Boeing salesman Robert Short shot down by Yoshiro Sakemago near Soochow
1935Airplanes are no longer permitted to fly over the White House
1939The Netherlands recognize Franco-regime in Spain
1940Finnish troops vacate Koivisto island
1941Nazi secret police begin rounding up Jews in Amsterdam
1942FDR orders MacArthur to leave the Philippines for Australia
1942Japanese 48th Div arrives at Balikpapan from the Philippines.
1943Iowa (BB-61) commissioned in Brooklyn.
1944US Eighth Air Force bombs Enschede, Arnhem, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
1944Japanese aircraft lose heavily in attack on TF 58 off the Marianas.
1945Iwo Jima: Marines make slow gains against heavy resistance.
1945Burma: British troops take Ramree Island
1948Arab bomb attack in Jerusalem, 50 die
1973Israeli fighter planes shoot down a Libyan airliner over Sinai, 106 die
1974Lt, j.g., Barbara Ann Allen becomes the first woman naval aviator
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Feb 23, 2019
303 Roman Emperor Diocletian orders general persecution of Christians
1574Fifth War of Religion breaks out in France
1778Baron von Steuben joins Continental Army at Valley Forge
1795USN Supply Corps founded as the Office of Purveyor of Supplies .
1804France: Conspiracy to oust Napoleon and make Louis XVIII king fails
1836The Alamo besieged by Santa Anna
1846Polish revolutionaries march on Cracow, but are defeated
1847Battle of Buena Vista: Zachary Taylor crushes Santa Anna
1852HMS Birkenhead sinks off South Africa, 420 die standing at attention
1903US leases Guantanamo Bay for $4,000 a year (Castro returns the checks)
1919Osmond Ingram (DD-255) launched, first ship named for an enlisted man
1919Mussolini creates Fascist Party
1940Russian troops capture Lasi Island from Finns
1942Japanese submarine I-17 shells Elwood, California.
1942B-17s from Australia raid Rabaul.
1943Guadalcanal: Japanese stragglers refuse to surrender
1944TF 58 begins series of raids on the Marianas (Saipan, Tinian, Guam)
1944The Arakan, Burma: British defeat Japanese in a pitched battle at Sinzweya
1945Iwo Jima: The 28th Marines raise the. flag on Mount Suribachi.
1945Operation Grenade: Gen Simpson's Ninth Army attacks the Ruhr
1971William Calley confesses to My Lai massacre, implicates Ernest Medina
1979Frank Peterson Jr. becomes first black general in Marine Corps
1981"Night of the Transistors"-unsuccessful military coup in Spain
1991Military coup in Thailand, Premier Choonhaven arrested
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1208St. Francis of Assisi receives his calling, at 26
1525Pavia: King Francis I of France captured by the Spanish
1682Catholics adopt the Gregorian calendar, Protestant take a little longer
1779George Rogers Clark captures Vincennes (Ind.) from British
1787Goethe visits Itri, Italy
1813USS Hornet, under Captain James Lawrence, takes HMS Peacock
1848King Louis-Philippe abdicates, French Second Republic established
1863Bedford Forrest raids Brentwood, Tennessee
1864Battle of Tunnel Hill/Buzzard's Roost, Ga.
1895Cuban War of Independence begins
1917Zimmermann Note reveals German plan to get Mexican help in WW I
1917Russian revolution breaks out (3/8 NS)
1920Nazi Party founded in Munich
1933League of Nations tells Japanese to pull out of Manchuria
1942USS Enterprise raids Wake Island.
1942Heavy fighting for the Sittang River bridgehead in Burma.
1944TF 58 completes strikes against Saipan, Tinian, Rota and Guam
1944Juan Peron, Minister of War, stages coup in Argentina
1945Manila liberated, after heavy fighting and major civilian casualties
1945Egypt & Syria declare war on Nazi-Germany
1948Communist coup in Czechoslovakia
1949V-2/WAC-Corporal Rocket reaches outer space, White Sands, NM, 400 km
1966Coup ousts Pres Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana
1968US and Vietnamese troops recapture Hue
1979War between North & South Yemen begins
1991Ground Phase of Operation Desert Storm begins