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Monday, June 14, 2021
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1373Anglo-Portuguese alliance, the world's oldest, signed
1777Marquis de Lafayette lands in US
1863Gettysburg Campaign: Battle of Winchester VA
1881USS Jeannette crushed in the Arctic ice during an exploring expedition
1898US ships exchange fire with Spanish batteries at Havana, Cuba
1900Boxer Rebellion begins in China
1917German air raid on London
1940French evacuate Paris as the Germans advance
19421st V-2 rocket launched from Peenemunde, Germany, reaches 1.3 km
1946King Umberto II of Italy abdicates
1951UN forces reach Pyongyang, Korea
1952Soviet fighters shoot down Swedish DC-3 over the Baltic, 8 die
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Jun 14, 2021
0 Flag Day
1645Battle of Naseby, Cromwell's Parliamentarians defeats the Royalists
1775US Army formed from the New England forces before Boston
1777John Paul Jones takes command of the USS Ranger
1777Congress adopts the Stars & Stripes, replacing the Grand Union flag
1800Battle of Marengo: Bonaparte defeats the Austrians
1814Wellington thanks his army for its performance in the Peninsula
1815Napoleon opens the Waterloo Campaign
1846Pro-American California (Bear Flag) Republic proclaimed in Sonoma
1847Commo Matthew C Perry makes amphibious landing at Tabasco, Mexico
1861Flag Day first observed, Hartford, Ct.
1863Second Battle of Winchester, Virginia
1864Congress orders that Black soldiers receive equal pay with whites
1864Battle of Pine Mt
1898US ships exchange fire with Spanish batteries at Santiago, Cuba
1906Pogrom against Jews in Bialystok, Polish Russia
1917WW I: Gen John J. Pershing and his staff reach Paris
1934Hitler & Mussolini meet in Vienna
1936Oranienburg Concentration Camp opens
1940Nazis open a concentration camp at Auschwitz
1940German forces occupy Paris
1940FDR signs the Naval Expansion Act, to increase fleet tonnage by 11 %
1942German merchant cruiser Thor begins operating in the Indian Ocean.
1942Bazooka goes into production at Bridgeport, Ct
1943Japanese form "Indian National Army"
1944Japanese capture Liu-yang, China
1944First B-29 raid against mainland Japan
1949State of Vietnam formed, Bao Dai installed as Emperor
1952Keel laid for Nautilus, the first nuclear powered submarine
1953Gen Gustavo Rojas Pinilla stages coup in Columbia
1982Argentines surrender to Britain on the Falkland Is; 74-day war ends
1985Lebanese Shiite Moslem gunmen hijack TWA 847 after takeoff from Athens
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1215King John signs Magna Carta at Runnymede, England
1389Turks defeat Serbs at Battle of Kosovo (Old Style -- June 28, NS)
1520Pope Leo X condemns Martin Luther as a heretic
1567Jews are expelled from Genoa, Italy
1734Charles of Parma invests Gaeta (city falls to August 6)
1743Battle of Dettingen, English under George II crush the French
1775George Washington appointed commander-in-chief of American Army
1779General Anthony Wayne captures Stony Point
1785First fatal aeronautical accident: two French balloonists die
1802Toussaint L'Ouverture leaves Haiti, a prisoner of the French
1815The Duchess of Richmond gives a ball in Brussels
1861Joe Johnston evacuates Harpers Ferry
1862Gen JEB Stuart completes his "ride around McClellan"
1864Robert E Lee's home, Arlington, becomes a miltary cemetery
1864Battle for Petersburg begins as Gen Grant assaults Confederate line
1866Prussia declares war on Austria
1877Henry O Flipper becomes the first black graduate of West Point
1898Marines land at Caimanera, Cuba
1904Excursion steamer General Slocum burns in the East River, 1,031 die
1907Second Hague Peace Conference; 44 nations meet
1931Poland & USSR sign friendship treaty
1934Hitler meets Mussolini for the first time, Rome
1940Soviet Army occupies Lithuania
1940Italians Air Force bombs Luc-en-Province
1940Bread & flour rationed in German-occupied Holland
1943German raider Michel sinks a 7700-ton merchant ship west of Australia.
1944Marines land on Saipan, in the Marianas
1955First nationwide civil defense drill
1964Last French troops leave Algeria
1978Soyuz 29 carries two cosmonauts to Salyut 6; they stay 139 days
1994Israel and the Vatican establish diplomatic relations