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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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657 Battle of Siffin, Mesopotamia: Mu'awiyan defeats Caliph Ali
1758British Gen James Wolfe captures Louisbourg
1759French troops vacate Ticonderoga, New York
1812US Frigate Essex captures British brig Leander
1822Secret meeting of Simon Bolivar & Jose de San Martin
1826Vilnus, Lithuianian, riots cause death of many Jews
1861Skirmish at Lane's Prairie, Mo
1863Salineville, OH: Confederate Brig Gen. John Hunt Morgan & 364 surrender
1898US Navy sweeps mines at Caimanera, Cuba (completed next day)
1898Skirmish near Yauco, Puerto Rico forces Spanish to withdraw
1912Lt. John Rodgers makes 1st airborne radio commo to a ship, USS Stringham
1918Race riot in Philadelphia, 3 whites & 1 black killed
1942RAF bombs Hamburg
1942Japanese reinforcements land at Buna.
1942Desperate fighting near Kokoda, Australians fall back to Deniki.
1942Capt Joy Bright Hancock is appointed Director, Women's Naval Reserve
1943U.S. destroyers shell Munda.
1944Russian troops arrive on the Vistula
1944FDR orders Philippines be liberated, at a conference in Hawaii.
1945Japanese disregard US ultimatum
1945Churchill resigns as Britain's PM
1945British ships and a/c raid Japanese bases on the west coast of Malaya.
1947National Security Act establishes CIA
1948Truman initiates the integration of the Armed Forces
1953Castro begins Cuban Revolution with an attack on the Moncada Barracks
1957USSR launches its first intercontinental multistage ballistic missile
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Jul 27, 2021
1214First Battle of Bouvines: King Philip II of France vs Emperor Otto IV
1230Pope Gregory & IX Emperor Frederick II sign the Treaty of San-Germano
1298Albert I, son of Rudolf of Habsburg, crowned Holy Roman Emperor
1365Isabella of England marries Enguerrand de Coucy at Windsor
1643Cromwell defeats Royalists at Battle of Gainsborough
1689Battle of Killicrankie, Viscount Dundee defeats Whig General Mackay
1768Charlotte Corday, who had a date with Jean Paul Marat in the bathtub
1794Coup of Thermidor and the fall of Robespierre in Paris
1816Fort Blount on Apalachicola Bay, Fla, attacked by US Troops
1830Revolution breaks out in Paris, opposing laws of Charles X
1839Chartist riots break out in Birmingham England
1861McClellan replaces McDowell in command of the Army of the Potomac
1861Combat at St. Augustine Springs, New Mexico Territory
1861Combat at Ft Fillmore, NM: Confederate victory
1864Battle of Darbytown/Deep Bottom/ Newmarket Road/Strawberry Plains, Va
1880Battle of Maiwand, at which Dr Watson is allegedly wounded
1909Orville Wright demonstrates airplane for the Army, flying 72 minues
1941Japanese forces land in Indo-China
1942British halt the Axis advance at Alamein
1942Australian forces continue to hold Deniki, south of Kokoda in Papua.
1943Sub Sawfish sinks two Japanese ships off the Chinese coast
1943Japanese DDs Ariake & Mikazuki sunk off New Britain by U.S. Army a/c.
1943Battle of the Pips: USN fires 100s of rounds at false radar blips, Kiska.
1944Soviet Army liberate Majanek Concentration Camp
1944Marines clear most of northern Tinian and begin rebuilding the airfield
1944First British jet fighter used in combat, the Gloster Meteor
1945Japan's cities are "bombed" with leaflets demanding surrender.
1953North Korea & UN sign armistice
1954Armistice divides Vietnam into two countries
1955Bulgaria shoots down an Israeli passenger plane, 58 die
1990Belorus declares independence from the USSR
1995Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington is dedicated
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754 Pope Stephen II makes Pepin the Short King of France
1402Turkish Sultan Bayazid captured by the Mongols
1862Confederate forces defeated at More's Hill, Mo
1864Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Ezra Church
1898Skirmish at Ponce, Puerto Rico, which shortly surrenders to the US
1914Austria-Hungary attacks Serbia, igniting WW I
1931Congress makes "The Star-Spangled Banner" the national anthem
1932MacArthur evicts bonus marchers from their encampment in Washington
1942In Papua, the Australians retake Kokoda in a spirited counterattack.
1943Japanese squadron rescues over 5,000 troops from Kiska in an hour
1943FDR announces an end of coffee rationing in US
1944Japanese at Myitkyina withdraw, commander commits hara-kiri
1945US Army B-25 crashes into 79th floor of Empire State Bldg, 14 die
1945Kamikaze sink their last ship, DD Callaghan, off Okinawa.